Last week we celebrated Australia Day- the day white men landed in Australia and took over. We are often reminded that there was no bloody coup but this is not true. Many Aboriginals were murdered but it happened gradually as the invaders spread across the country.
Many Aboriginals refer to it as Invasion Day.
Aboriginal Health and education levels are well below that of the non-Aboriginal population. Our solution is to send in the military even though it is a sociological problem. It doesn’t work and we are condemned by the UN but as most white people are doing quite well we just pretend not to have heard the criticism. The problem is that governments from both parts of the political spectrum take the same approach so the deadlock is hard to break.
In an interview last year for my thesis I spoke with the Australian of the Year, himself an Aboriginal person. We discussed the three ‘isms’, racialism. sexism and ageism. He said that racialism was worse at it displaced people from their lands and they had to start again, with nothing, on inferior land.
With the UN being ignored, it is hard to see what individuals can do.