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As one gets older one’s attitude to life changes. I suspect part of it is that there is a new degree of uncertainty about one’s future. If I didn’t have so many plans for my future I would probably have more of the tolerance and serenity I have always associated with being older!

I was originally told that the examiner’s responses to my thesis would be available by mid-September, time which I set aside for winding down after my 7 year commitment to the research involved. Now the deadline is dragging on apparently endlessly I find the situation more difficult to cope with. If I do get a positive response then the examiners are likely to want changes made which I would want to make immediately and get the whole thing over so I can settle down to the next step in my life. Getting involved in something else I can just drop is difficult.

The first thing I want to do when I am ‘free’ is to research any link between my work and Alzheimer’s disease. If there is then maybe it could help to prevent it or at least reduce its prevalence. It is a horrible disease and is on the increase as the population increases.

I also want to write a book, for older people, about ageing successfully. This week I was talking to an established author who indicated that it was likely to be a best seller, this is the second published author to tell me that. I want to get on with it!

Another dream was to set up a website run by older people for older people. With advice from my son I’ve done this but it is having teething problems. It is called but google will only show results for so it is almost impossible to reach. Apparently google is so rich and powerful it has no need to care about its individual customers, which seems to be 21st century policy in many parts of the business world. We revere wealth so much as long as the money is rolling in standards are abandoned. I need to see if I can get round the problem. With millions of people over 65 in the US alone, and half of them using the internet, we could be a powerful force and create a much better world if we had that means of communicating with each other.

Meanwhile I need to fill another day!